The following list features recommended links and resources for Pomona College faculty. Please contact the FLRC if you wish it try recommended software. There are FLRC funds dedicated to new software available. Please also submit any links or resources that should be posted here.

Video Database
Mason Library Book Database
Copyright at the Claremont Colleges

Essential Online Resources

Word Champ
Realia Project

Web 2.0 Resources

Woices – Voice Recording and Maps Mashup; recommended

Chinswing – Online Voiceboards

Flowgram – Create narrated multimedia presentation, incl. web navigation. Highly recommended.

EyeJot – Create and send video mails

XTimeline – Create interactive timelines

Circavie – Create interactive timelines

UStream – Stream live content

Overstream – Add comments or subtitles to online videos (incl. Youtube)

Fuzzwich – Create small animations; cannot record voice but upload pre-recorded audio

Yugma – Web conferencing

VoiceThread – Create narrated digital narratives; highly recommended

vuvox – Media creation tool

Bookr – Create quick online books

YackPack – Closed voice boards; pay service; recommended

The 20 Questions Game – Try out this free online version in many languages

Blabberize – Create talking heads with your own images and add your voice. Not only for Monty Python fans…

Comiqs – Create online comiqs. Free and simple.

Jumpcut – Edit your videos online

Bubbleply – Add Bubbles to any video

ToonDoo – Comic Creator

Flickr creative commons – Find images that can be used legally

Tumblr – Super simple blogging

Makebeliefscomix – Create Comics Online

ccmixter – Find audio resources that can be used legally

Podsafeaudio – Find audio resources that can be used legally

Pixton – Online Comic Creation

Recommended Software

Creative Software
Comic Life Deluxe (Mac)
Comic Book Creator (PC)

Audio Recording and Editing
Audacity (free, multiple platform)
Dartmouth College Recorder (free, multiple platform)
Sound Recorder (Mac – free – simple)

Digital Storytelling and Narrated Photo Stories
Photo Story Maker 3 (PC)
Windows Movie Maker 2 (PC)
iMovie (Mac)
Digital Storytelling Guide
Pulpmotion (Mac)

Easy Video Production
Windows Movie Maker 2 (PC)
iMovie (Mac)
Pulpmotion (Mac)

Still and Video Screen Capture
FRAPS (In-game screen capture – to create Machinima (PC only))
Snapz Pro (Mac)
Debut Video Capture (PC – free)
Copernicus (Mac – free)
Screenshot Plus (Mac widget – free)
Capture (Mac widget – free)
Camtasia and SnagIt (PC)
Cam Studio 2.0 (PC – free)
Jing Project

Other Multimedia Production Software
iStopMotion (Mac)
Photo To Movie (PC + Mac)

YouTube Downloader
Ares Tube (free – PC)
Tube TV (free – Mac)

Computer-Mediated Communication

Language Exchanges
High-Speed Conferencing
Tandem Learning: Mixxer
Tandem Learning: Jyve
iChat AV (Mac only)


iTunes Podcasts
Podcast Alley

Useful Hardware

Snowball USB microphone
Flip Flash Camcorder

Further Information and Research on Language Learning and Technology

Language Learning & Technology Journal
Language Learning and Technology Wikibook (ATALL)
Top 100 Language Blogs

Useful Sites and Resources for Individual Languages:
(sorry, still under construction…)

French Songs through Singing


Great German Podcasts: Tagesschau; Heute Journal; Sendung mit der Maus; Extra 3; Quarks und Co.; Podcast der Bundeskanzlerin; …




Nuevos Horizontes – Student Companion Site

Nuevos Horizontes – Instructor Companion Site

Learning Spanish with Songs (Colby College)